Monday, May 16, 2011


True to form with my life at the moment I have been unable to post anything on my blog for the last week, for some reason it just has not been working for me. Urghh, typical lol

I am in a storm of pregnancy announcements at the moment, surrounded by baby showers at work and a ridiculous amount of pregnant patients as well. I have an associate who is pregnant and skiting about how much booze she can still keep down (I did not deal with that one very well, but screw it.. we should be allowed to use colourful language every now and then) so, as you can see its a pretty shit time around here.. how am I dealing with it? easy,

I'm throwing a massive party.

Not your traditional IVF/IF coping strategy granted, but its giving me something fun to do and look forward to and its also a good way of saying thanks to those close to us who have been there for us through all this crap. The theme of said party? lol I am throwing a tea party, I am embracing the very weak grasp I have on my sanity and channeling my inner Mad Hatter. I love a good dress up party. So that is what I am doing with my time at the moment. To be honest it feels good to channel my attention onto something fun and different.

So thats what I am doing with my time at the moment, I am trying not to bring too much work stuff 'home' with me and just letting go of the small stuff...

 I'll let you know how we get on with that


  1. The party is an awesome idea!It's good to have something like that to plan and take your mind off everything. And I can not believe your associate-that's really just disgusting and how awful for you to have to hear things like that.Good on you for saying something, and sounds like the party is just what you need!xo

  2. I have read many of your posts on this blog and I feel your frustration.

    I dread people getting married (for fear of pregnancy announcements), I now avoid TV programmes if I think they will feature pregnancy... I am becoming more and more touchy on the subject!

    As for the party, a great idea. My wedding is the source of many a distraction... I don't know what I will do once it is over though...


  3. Yeah, Our wedding (2 1/2 years ago) was a brilliant distraction for us. but I know what you mean about what to do after thats over.

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