Sunday, June 26, 2011

6 days till PARTY TIME!

This isn't really a post about my stupid infertility, or our crappy IVF journey... its a post about my "screw you IVF" party we are having THIS WEEKEND! arghhh it really snuck up on us.

As I said in an earlier post we are having a mad hatters tea party. Costumes are pretty much all sorted just need a few more finishing touches. Have a smoke machine sorted and the Mr is cutting out a whole lot of giant mushrooms and a giant caterpillar from wood for me to paint up. I have now got the most ridiculously large collection of tea cups and saucers and a fair whack of tea pots as well.

But my real conundrum is what food to make and serve?!?! obviously scones are a must but if its going to be a boozy party I need more savory finger foods.... so now I'm stuck....


Monday, June 13, 2011

Starting Now.... no wait... Now!

Man have I been useless with this caffeine thing, proper useless! Doesn't help that I ran out of caffeine free tea bags the other day and hadn't gotten around to buying more (because of the sheer daylight robbery price of them!) so I have just been drinking normal tea. The other day at work on a particularly horrid shift I even bought a bottle of coke! *cringe*

So I have been to the supermarket and have my gold coated (I make this assumption based on price per gram) caffeine free tea bags and will begin my caffeine free life all over again. *sigh*

I swear if there was a cigarette anywhere near me recently I would be jumping back on that bandwagon as well!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Need a laugh?

This site has seriously made my day. Autocorrect... nuff said.

Just not feeling it

This time last cycle I was 100% dedicated to the no caffeine, booze, healthy eating, multivitamin regime that happens in the lead up to IVF. Back then it was exciting to be doing something, exciting that it was nearly time to start injections and get everything started. This time round I not only lack motivation, and enthusiasm. But I also seem to be lacking the ability to give a fuck. Yeah I know, crass and unladylike, but thats just how I am feeling at the moment. Of course I am still not drinking caffeine or booze, I haven't been overly reliable with the multivits though.... ooops, my bad.

To be honest, I don't want to do it again. I don't want the blinding headaches from the buserelin. Nor do I want the pain that comes later with the Gonal F or the sheer torture of the egg collection blood test days and the 2ww. I will do it again, but I really don't want to.

There is another reason for me not wanting to do this next cycle of IVF, If the same thing happens that did in the last cycle (great egg and embryo numbers just for them all to die off) then we have to face facts that its probably my eggs and go down the egg donor route. This terrifies me more than all the drug side effects in the world and is not something I am ready to face up to in a hurry.

So that is where my head is at right now, not the funnest place in the world to be.. I advise Disneyland over this place any day!