Thursday, February 24, 2011

Devastation and heartache

Words just cannot express the heartache our country is going through right now, The Christchurch earthquake that has left many dead, homeless, missing, and their lives ripped apart and has left us all in shock and an absolute state of despair.

I have been on stand by to go down to Christchurch and help with earthquake relief since that afternoon but don't know when or if I will get down there. I just want to go and help so bad it hurts. I would have been on the helicopter that afternoon had the hospital released me to do so.

But for now I have to wait and watch, to be there for our family and friends who are down there and wait for that call.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Screw you IF... I'm going to Malaysia.

So I know I have been away for a wee while.. I just needed some time to get back into the swing of 'normal' life and figure out how to get through each day. I still havn't quite managed the latter thanks to a few very challenging days at work recently but I am attempting to feel more positive about having to wait another 9-12months for our next crack at IVF.

I figure it gives me a decent amount of time to get myself back into shape and pick up the pieces of my neglected work life, I have some study coming up and while it really is the last thing I feel like doing, it probably isn't such a bad idea.

The main thing that is helping keep me occupied is planning for a trip to Malaysia in April. In my head I have named it the "screw you IF" trip. I am going to eat and drink whatever the hell I want to, I am going to shop and take photo's and watch race cars fly around a track. I am not going to cry over lost babies and opportunities, I am not going to mention out fert doctors name once... well, maybe in one of the screw you toasts I may make.

So thats what I am doing with my time.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fuck it.

...and that pretty much sums it all up for ya doesn't it.

BF fucking N

This will not be a nice eloquent post about my emotions and blahdy blah blah fucking blah. It will merely say (until I feel like saying anything more).....

Fuck it.