Monday, June 13, 2011

Starting Now.... no wait... Now!

Man have I been useless with this caffeine thing, proper useless! Doesn't help that I ran out of caffeine free tea bags the other day and hadn't gotten around to buying more (because of the sheer daylight robbery price of them!) so I have just been drinking normal tea. The other day at work on a particularly horrid shift I even bought a bottle of coke! *cringe*

So I have been to the supermarket and have my gold coated (I make this assumption based on price per gram) caffeine free tea bags and will begin my caffeine free life all over again. *sigh*

I swear if there was a cigarette anywhere near me recently I would be jumping back on that bandwagon as well!


  1. I am completely rubbish at being caffeine free. I try, but just don't manage it.

  2. de-caff just don't taste the same!