Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The new four letter word, the WAIT!!

Worth the wait... well of course if successful a cycle of IVF is worth the wait, but try thinking along those lines when you're the one waiting! We still have over 5 months to go before we are due for our egg pick up, now most people in our family and friends have said numerous time, the time will fly by! It will be your turn in no time at all! 



Those who have been or are in this situation know that every painstaking second that passes is felt. Every TV ad for baby gear, every pregnancy announcement and birth just hit it home even harder. While discussing this with our very good friend who couldn't quite understand why a friends recent baby news had rocked me as much as it did, I used the metaphor that, when you buy yourself a new car suddenly you see the same model everywhere! Well when waiting for your turn to attempt to have a baby suddenly you are completely surrounded by it. I cant even watch my favourite TV shows without having babies and pregnancy forced down my throat. 

So time will fly by? I dont think so, most days it feels like walking in mud while blindfolded and listening to crazy frog on my ipod.. slow, painful and ridiculously frustrating!!

dear god, and I havnt even got anywhere near the 2 week wait yet! *cringe*

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