Saturday, August 14, 2010

Operation; New Baby

The other day a friend of mine had her baby and she asked for me to come up and visit.. now bear in mind I only agreed because she is literally my oldest friend, we have known each other pretty much since we were born.

For most people going to visit a new baby is an exciting, small part of their day but for us it was like a military operation.

1st off I spent the entire day stressing out about it, how am I going to handle it? what if I cry? I hope they don't want me to hold him!! and then I moved on to making excuses why I couldn't make it, I had them all prepared on my phone to text, just couldn't push the button.
So after an entire day of backwards and forwards with this stuff I made a decision to go. That seriously took up almost all day. Never mind the millions of other things I had to do, I was busy being neurotic.

The next step in this finely tuned operation was Hubby finishing work early and coming to pick me up... you didn't think I was going to attempt such a mission solo did you? Oh no way, I tried that last year and it didn't end well. He held my hand all the way across the car park and into the lift, I think this was more so I didn't turn around and go home but hey, support is support right? Luckily for me he didn't let go of me while we were in the room either. I might have jumped out the window.

Imagine the one thing you want more than anything.. so bad it hurts just to think about it.. and then put yourself in a room full of them, and full of people gushing over them and how amazing they are. Right. Got it? Now you try and not jump out the window.

Anyway, after a little while of hearing all about everything the proud new dad really really wanted us to hold his new little man. Don't get me wrong, they deserve to be proud he is absolutely gorgeous. However they may not get him back if they let me hold him. So thank heaven for hubby who made some excuse already agreed upon by us in the car on the way, we managed to get out of holding the new bundle of joy and were on our way back across the carpark to go home.

Yes, I spent all day preparing for a 15minute visit.

When we got home we were like a well oiled machine, I went and got into the shower (its where I like to do my crying ok, don't you judge me) and my wonderful husband started cooking dinner. Then we sat down and watched some mindless television before I went to bed to get absolutely no sleep.

Mission accomplished!

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