Monday, August 9, 2010

Relax and it will happen

5 words that anyone who is struggling to conceive loathes hearing! Now I'm not usually a violent person but the mere mention of this phrase and I want to start inflicting pain. 
Other cringeworthy comments on the ever growing list are;

If you adopt you'll get pregnant!

If you stop thinking about it you'll get pregnant!

If you stop trying you'll get pregnant!

Move house and you'll get pregnant!

And my latest personal favourite which was said to me just the other day; “you’ll get pregnant right when you don’t want to!” because after nearly 5 years of trying there is totally going to be a time where we don’t want to pregnant?!?!? Morons, they’re everywhere.

Ok ok that sounds cynical, and after so long on this path it’s natural to build up this kind of attitude but I must also point out that the majority of the people saying these silly things are saying them with the best intentions. To be honest what do you say to someone who is struggling to get pregnant?

Personally I would go with sincerity, “shit that sux” is always acceptable in my book.. 


  1. I so hear you! Check this out...

  2. lol DeAnne. Thats a good one!!