Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Let there be DATES!!

FS nurse phoned me this morning to inform me that my latest lot of bloods show an increased FSH and a slightly low AMH. I would have thought they might have shown up last time I had bloods taken but oh well.

Anyway, due to this new information coming to light my cycle has been changed to a micro flare protocol, so I have dates!! I am going to start buserelin injections twice a day on the 5th of Jan and then introduce Gonal F on the 7th. I will have a blood test on the 10th to see how I am responding and if all is going well It will be a scan around the 12th and egg collection around the 17th.

This is a lot for my poor little self to take in, I think I am so used to the dreaded wait that I never actually thought anything was going to happen.

So now I have to wake myself up from my little world and get organised!

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  1. Too true-you do get so used to waiting it's hard to get yourself into the IVF mindset all of a sudden!I think when you're down to your last few days before starting you'll start to feel pretty excited/nervous,So stoked for you you've been waiting so long for this!