Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Everyone has an opinion

Urghhh. You know how EVERYONE has a story or a piece of advice when you are struggling to conceive? Well since someone at my work has no idea what privacy is and had let it slip about us doing IVF etc I have had an influx of bullshit advice telling me what we are doing wrong or need to be doing.

I mean seriously, I am so sure that with my blocked tubes and 5 years of trying that your  (enter random vitamin, herb, food, drink here) will totally help me.. whats that? you decided last month to TTC and after taking this vitamin/herb/food/drink you are pregnant!! WOW thanks for your totally useless helpful advice!

Do these people actually think I want to hear their stories? Oh and to the workmate of mine who recently came up to me to tell me that "you don't want a baby, they keep you up all night and don't do anything but put an end to your social life" Are you for freaking real?!?!? I have been doing pretty well lately with my tolerance of idiots but its starting to get more and more difficult.

I need to get me some dumbass repellent.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean! Even after telling one of my work mates that I have fibroids and am on a waiting list to have them removed she pipes up a couple of weeks later with "oh, just go on a cruise and you'll get pregnant" WTF??? Was she not listening to me the first time round? I thought I'd explained that I can not get pregnant with massive fibroids in my uterus!! She's the worst with all the useless information!!