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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Egg Collection

So today was the day and of the 11 follicles present we managed to get 11 eggs so we're pretty stoked with that. I (apparently) was climbing the walls in pain during the procedure, so the fact I don't remember it is probably a good thing. In saying that though, I do kind of wish I was able to remember it. The only thing I remember is the embryologist saying there's 2 eggs. As that was pretty much the only thing I remember I spent the whole time in recovery getting upset at the Mr. that we had only managed 2 eggs, which he thought was very funny every time he reminded me that we actually got 11 and I got all happy again. Man those were some good drugs.

Bad news is I am in pain and bleeding, the FS wants me to keep an eye on the bleeding overnight, stay on bed rest, and see how I am in the morning. Thank god I thought ahead and took tomorrow off work cos there is no way I'll be doing much feeling like this.

So I doubt I will be sleeping much tonight, all I can think about is the upcoming call in the morning...


  1. Well done Lexa 11 is awesome!
    Sorry you're in a bit of pain now, take it really easy, hope hubby's looking after ya :)
    Fingers crossed for fantastic fertilisation!

  2. Well done Lexa! 11 is a fantastic result :-) Hope you wake up feeling better and get some great fert results today. xox