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Friday, January 21, 2011

My little breakdown

Yesterday, which was day 3 started out pretty well and then in the afternoon about an hour before I was meant to start work I started getting horrible crampy pains, they were awful! Of course 1st place your brain goes is OHSS, which then leads the brain to the freak out that they will not transfer and will have to freeze all.

This of course led straight to me feaking out and turning into a hot mess about not getting to do transfer.

So today I feel much better, have taken the day off work though so that I can take it easy today for transfer in the morning. I have a slight pang of guilt for calling in 'sick' today but if I didn't and the embie didn't take I would regret it forever I just know it.

So getting my positive thinking hat on my head and looking forward to tomorrow morning.

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