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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lets make this interesting...

Going to have to update the last few days in this post because I have been so useless!

On Friday we went down for our 1st scan to see how many follies we had stashed in them there ovaries, we were discussing how many there would be and decided to place a little bet. I was being naturally cautious, guessing 7 to 11 follies while the Mr. was shooting for the moon and guessed 14-18 follies. Long story short there was 10 or 11 there. So win for me! As my prize I got the scrummiest dinner of my choice cooked for me (he's a brilliant cook, must have something to do with growing up in France) and bragging rights, which are worth so much more.

We had Saturday off from all that garb, but as my E2 levels hadn't moved much they decided to up my dose of gonal f to 300. Went back down today (Sunday) and my E2 levels have kicked back in after 2 higher doses of gonal f and the follies are looking great. Had my last shot of buserelin this evening and the trigger injection at 11.15pm tonight for EC at 11.15 Tuesday morning. EEK!!

I have to say I am not going to miss all these needles, I am covered in bruises and the jabs are getting more and more painful everyday. To make matters worse when I went to have my blood taken today they mangled me and I am still in pain from it all. I am feeling mighty uncomfortable as well, sore lower abdomen, bloated and just generally blah.

I would also like to point out that we are driving nearly 3 hours to get to the clinic for an 8 minute appointment, something that the Mr. is handling rather well I must say. He is not the most patient of people and it's a long way to go for a few minutes. But it's all worth it in the end, here's hoping anyway.

So far it has all slotted in with work too, working shift work makes it extremely hard to have any kind of organization in your life and the fact I am ridiculously unorganized already doesn't help matters one bit. But this weekend I had friday to tuesday as rostered days off which has been perfect and means I will only have to take Wed off to recover before I go back to my very physically demanding job. Then its just a matter of taking time off from transfer, which is hopefully going to be on the Sunday if we can get to day 5 and having some time off after that for the 2ww. I am super lucky to have a very understanding boss and I know it, she is going to get one hell of a gift basket when all this is over!!

After reading a lot of sites, blogs, books, and hearing from other IVFers I decided to deal with everything one day at a time, on blood test days I focussed only on that, same with scans. Tonight I am focusing on not missing my trigger time (how awful would that be!?!) and then tomorrow I will focus on nothing much. Tuesday will be dealt with when Tuesday comes. The problem with this tact is that as I am on a short cycle so everything has come around very very quickly... like super crazy scary quickly. Egg collection was just a figment of my imagination, something that seems to happen to everyone else doing IVF and my turn was never going to come, and now I am 36hours away from it.. WTF?

So my head is all over the place tonight and I think tomorrow is going to be even worse, there goes my day by day strategy. Oh well.. let the freak out begin.


  1. Woohoo hope your trigger injection went well!Good luck for EC tomorrow, will be thinking of you, it has come around quickly hasn't it.
    We have to drive almost 2 hours to our clinic too, it's quite a mission for a very quick appointment sometimes isn't it!
    Can't wait to hear how you get on, sounds like you have a great amount of follies!xxx

  2. Haha yeah I was expecting it but apparently I forgot to mention to the Mr. So on the 1st appt we drove down for the scan he went to the toilet quickly and when he came out I was already done. lmao he was so confused. It sure is a long way for a few minutes.