Friday, October 29, 2010

Good impressions

Today was the day of our appointment with the FS. Now I realise that I must not be the only completely neurotic person here so I will admit freely that I dressed up.. before you all go judging me, think about it, this is the man who is going to impregnate me (fingers crossed) so doing my hair and chucking on some makeup seems like the least I could do? Also I didnt want him to notice the couple of kg's I had put on since I saw him last so.. and now you can judge me... I put on my control briefs that I bought for a friends wedding. Ok ok ok wtf am I doing right? well paranoia had completely set in by that stage and so I thought to hell with it, just run with it.

All in all though the appointment was great. My FS has a slightly crazed mad scientist vibe to him that I dig and is good for a laugh. He gave me oodles of information that he admitted I should have gotten at our last appointment and a date to start on Levlen in just over 2 months. I feel much better about living in limboland now as I know I won't be here forever!

Oh and I even got that magical direct dial number for his nurse.. now I KNOW i'm swimming with the big fish!

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