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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pessimist or realist?

A large part of TTC and IVF is not getting your hopes up. But when does that switch over to the land of pessimism? Now I’m a realist, always have been and so I tend to take the ‘err on the side of caution’ route most times anyway. But for some reason, even with the reassurance we have received from out fertility specialist, I just cannot see myself at the end of this infertility struggle coming out on top. I sure as hell know I’m not the only one!

We get wrapped up in basal temps, down regulating and timing all our medications. With scans and blood tests, two week waits and follow up appointments. We are already trying to find the money for private cycles before we have even started our public ones and starting our adoption portfolios so we can get them in the pool as soon as the blood tests come back negative.

So am I being cynical and morose or am I a realist? The waiting process is slowly turning me batty I can tell you that for certain


  1. OMG! I am EXACTLY the same! I have even been thinking about how we're going to get the money to do fertility cover and looking forward to being able to drink coffee again once this cycle is over! Totally keep diregarding the fact it might actually work. I don't know what it is but you're certainly not alone on those thought plains!

  2. Hi there, I have stumbled across your blog from the Mummy in Waiting Blog. Just a note to say hi and that I have really enjoyed reading your posts (well as much as you can enjoy reading posts about infertility). Lots of stuff that I can relate to. Good luck with your next steps in this crazy old journey!!

  3. P.S I think the fish will be a bit fat now after all the food I gave them...they are great!!

  4. I'm just the same.. I can't imagine it not happening (too awful to consider) but I don't really expect it too either. does that make sense?
    Btw, I know these posts are old. I just discovered your blog and am catching up!