Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What I wouldn't do..

Nope, not for a baby, not even for a holiday on a tropical island or a big shiny boat.. but a damn cup of tea!!! Yes folks you read it here first, I am suffering extreme caffeine withdrawls! Walk in the park I thought, I don't drink coffee and meh whats a few cups of tea a day? I'll tell you what they are, they are the meaning of life thats what!! Milo?!? wtf is this crap? I want tea dammit!! I accidently made myself one yesterday morning, it was pure habit. Nearly cried when I had to tip it out.

Surprisingly I have managed the no fizzy stuff really well, I did however tip a bottle of Coke that was on the bench down the sink yesterday, it was sitting there staring at me while I wrote my assignment and it was either tip it or drink it.. so i tipped it!

We have an appointment with our FS tomorrow, I assume to go over the drug protocols etc in advance and I am extremely nervous about it all, not really sure why but I am. Ahh if only there was some magical relaxing hot drink that would make me feel better about it all.

oh wait... never mind

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  1. Hehe - welcome to the club! It does get easier though I promise!