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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Operation; Get Skinny!!!

When I first met my husband I was tiny, of course after 5 years of TTC stress, a healthier (ahem) lifestyle, study, and shiftwork, that is now no longer the case. So while I realise that I am older now and I will probably never be able to get down to the NZ size 8 I once was, a few kg's off won't hurt at all!! And so begins operation; get skinny.

I think this is going to be a lot harder than giving up booze, caffeine and any control over my emotions.. in fact I think this may be the make or break of my marriage. I love chocolate, serious chocoholic right here, and on night shifts around 4am is when everyone breaks out the chocolate and home baking so that is going to be a true test of my dedication to the cause. I am also a sucker for dessert, as soon as dinner is done I crave something sweet. I can often get away with just having a cup of tea which is good.. but wait, shit.. I have to give those up in a couple of weeks, hmmm this really is going to be hard and I havn't even touched on the exercise part yet!!

Ah yes exercise, I figure that spending my days and nights running around the hospital and saving peoples lives *shines halo* is enough exercise for me, but apparently my figure doesn't agree. To be honest half my day is spent getting sworn at or spat on by my adoring patients (I wont mention any other type of bodily fluids for fear of gross out factor) and so by the time I get home from being the worlds doormat the thought of going for a walk or jumping on the cross trainer is like asking me to cut off my feet... actually by the time I get home cutting my feet off would probably be a relief.

Anyway, these things I am now going to have to do because we all know that maintaining a healthy weight range is beneficial to the IVF process. So goodbye pudding every second night and goodbye 4am pick me ups and resting my feet and hello to starvation and fatigue!

Oh yeah, this is going to go well!

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